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Date: Wednesday, September 29th, 2004

Good morning!

This is our second PSA (POD Service Announcement), to keep you better informed about POD Interactive's latest news and partners.

The latest months have brought changes in online spam controls which have impacted the free flow of emails on the internet. As the spam problem continues to grow, companies like AOL have added extreme limits on incoming email. This has helped reduce the amount of incoming spam email, but has also caused communication problems for millions of email users. Many ISP's were blocked automatically by AOL's new program, without having sent any spam email. At the present time, AOL is working to minimize the negative impact of it's spam filters.
Read more at: PC World

We are currently installing new Dual Xeon servers in a new colocation facility on Wilshire and Western in Los Angeles. This will be our second hosting facility, and will increase the scalability and reliability of our services. It will also enable us to offer new spam and virus filtering on the server to minimize your spam problems. Please contact POD Interactive if you want your website to be moved to our new facility.

Scott Fields is the newest member of our team. We can now offer copy-writing services to improve the impact of your online content. He will help your create a clear and concise message for all your advertising materials and website pages.

Feel free to reply to this email or contact us through any of the links provided in this email. If you have any pressing concerns, please call POD Interactive at 818.508.5826.

Dag Flater
POD Interactive, LLC
Telephone: 818.508.5826

New Services:

Copy Writing - If your company needs help with the language on its website, brochures or other marketing materials, our copy-writer can help! Scott has many years of experience in writing feature film scripts, and has also worked on a lot of website content .He has great ideas on how to make your message more dynamic.
More Information about Copy Writing

Document Management - If your company uses documents that are updated regularly or need to be stored in a safe, retrieveable location, you can now take advantage of the CoreDocument Management System. This new system allows you to specify users that have access to check out and update Images, Text, Word, PDF, Power Point and other documents. Version tracking, checkout control, archiving, file searching and worldwide access are some of the benefits.
More Information about Document Management

Mass Mailer - You can now take advantage of the Mass Mailer promotional tool. Your mailing list members can now receive regular updates about your business.
More Information about the Mass Mailer

Advanced Content Management with incEngine - We now offer the Advanced Editor v2.1 to enable HTML page editing online. This new tool offers table creation and editing tools, image resizing and WYSIWIG text editing using Internet Explorer on Windows or Mozilla on any computer.
More Information about Content Management

incEngine eCommerce Updates - Your website can now take advantage of integration with various ecommerce processors and online rating systems. incEngine is now compatible with PayPal, Authorize.net, Echo-Inc and UPS.
More Information about eCommerce

Featured Partners:

Scott is our Copy Writer. He will help your company create dynamic website content and better language for any marketing materials you may have. He helps you clarify and strengthen your message for better communication. Contact us about Copy Writing today!

Contact us regarding Copy Writing
Hazelina is our Financial Strategist. She will help your business plan your financial future and set reachable goals. Some of her specialties include: Buy � Sell Strategies, Tax Planning, Succession Planning, Key Person Insurance, Executive Bonus Plans, Pension, Profit Sharing and 401(k) Plans, Budgeting and Cash Flow Study.

Contact us regarding Financial Services

Gene Call is our marketing expert. Whether you want to increase traffic to your website or start an ongoing marketing campaign, Gene can help you take your business to the next level. He brings years of experience to the table. His goal is to create a unified marketing campaign and maximize your branding strategy.

Contact us regarding Marketing Services

Recent incEngine Releases:

2020 Wine Merchants

Twenty Twenty Wine Merchants strive to carry the best of the best from all the major wine regions including France, Chile, Argentina, Spain and California, including Napa Valley collectors wines. They have every vintage wine from 1808 - 2000. Click the link below to see their collection of wines.

View 2020wines.com

Moving Messages Media

This website is dedicated to the development of intellectual properties that are focused upon the re-discovery of inner wisdom and divine power. Through myths, archetypes and storytelling, it explores the magic, mystery and paradoxes of the human experience.

View movingmessagesmedia.com

New Zealand Consulate General - Los Angeles

The New Zealand Consulate General in Los Angeles is an overseas post of the New Zealand Government. It is responsible to the New Zealand Ambassador in Washington for pursuing a range of New Zealands interests in the western part of the United States.

View nzcgla.com

Prop Services West (PSW Prophouse)

Prop Services West offers a great selection of set dressing. They've got it all - from classic to contemporary, elegant to eclectic, complete living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, big stuff, small stuff --- you name it. Visit a collection of their inventory online by clicking the link below.

View pswprophouse.com

incEngine Updates

incEngine is now at version 3.8 with many editor improvements, such as smart editing tools in list mode. New multi-editing features enable you to edit all prices at once, rather than editing them one at a time. Single cell selection from the administration list enables specific field editing without the need to view the entire record. Data extraction tools enable you to export table data into Excel or other CSV compatilble program, and the CSV import tool enables quick data dumps. A redesign of the Quick-Menu enables a much better overview of all the editing tools available, and the menues are cached for maximum performance.

If you have not yet upgraded your website to incEngine, contact POD Interactive sales for a quote. We can convert any website out there and enable the powerful tools that incEngine offers.

More information about incEngine

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